Secondary education

How to choose your school coach?

Have you noticed difficulties in your child’s learning? You have detected signs that do not deceive. He’s working, but his grades are terrible? Does he seem unmotivated? Is he overwhelmed? You tell yourself you’ve tried everything, but nothing works? Maybe…

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Coaching: a solution to help your children succeed

They’re getting away with it. School coaching is one of those tools. It will allow the child to work in a different way and to blossom, with follow-ups and support. What is School Coaching? Coaching is defined as a support…

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Tips for Choosing the Right High School

Choosing a high school is a sometimes difficult decision that children and their parents have to make. The multitude of schools that exist, their reputation and quality are only some of the things to consider. Here are some tips to…

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Secondary education : coaching for professionals

Professional development is important for good teaching. Teacher coaching is a promising alternative to traditional models of professional development.. Qu├ęsaco? Coaching for teaching professionals Coaching for teaching professionals consists of putting in place methods to seriously improve the performance of…

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How to balance summer camp and tutoring?

If your child is having trouble at school, or needs to regain his confidence, offer him a stay at a summer camp designed for him. They will divide their time between sports or art workshops and classes adapted to their…

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Consult the results of the general baccalaureate online

The baccalaureate examination marks the end of the school career and is the starting point of the university curriculum. The proclamation of the result of the general baccalaureate is therefore the most eagerly awaited moment for a pupil in the…

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