Coaching: a solution to help your children succeed

They're getting away with it. School coaching is one of those tools. It will allow the child to work in a different way and to blossom, with follow-ups and support.

What is School Coaching?

Coaching is defined as a support tool mobilized by a professional in the field to support our tender darlings and solve their academic failures. It analyzes the child in his school and social environment in order to find a solution to his academic failure. He will then develop educational means and strategies to help him. The causes of the student's problem may be diverse, such as a difficult integration, a bad organization of his schedule, or stress in front of exams. We can therefore say that the solutions brought by the coach adapt to the situation facing him/her. Let us also understand that a coach is not a teacher. He will help to unblock a difficult situation but he will not explain the lessons.   What are the methods used in school coaching?   A school coach will take care of your child during his/her school career. To do this, he will make a diagnosis of the child in his student life, his family life, but also on how he learns. The coach will adopt simple but effective strategies to support the child. How for example to take notes or write memo cards? The school system is globalized, so it is not necessarily adapted to everyone. The role of a coach is to create a good synergy between the child and his studies in order to support him to succeed in his achievements.   Can school coaching help our children to succeed?   Parents will always worry about their children, but add to this the increased competition at school. You will end up with a child who doesn't know where to put his head! A student may need help and support to move forward. If he lacks optimism, it will be difficult for him to succeed. Building self-confidence is one of the methods of coaching. A child in whom we believe, will believe in himself more easily. He will find the strength hidden in him to surprise us, the parents. Coaching can remove developmental blockages, increase the pleasure of learning, and give him challenges to make his schooling a surpassing experience. A coach is therefore a good way to help our children succeed in school.

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