Professional Training

Vocational training: why and for whom?

Nowadays, vocational training is very popular with companies. This is due to its many advantages. But who is this kind of apprenticeship for? And what is its purpose? In order to enlighten the lanterns of the neophytes, we will try…

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The importance of training within a company

In-company vocational training for employees has been on the rise in recent years. The tangible results are one of the reasons for its success. However, some managers are still reluctant to get involved in this area. Here are the reasons…

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An accounting school to become a chartered accountant

Accountants help both individuals and more complex organizations keep and analyze financial records. If you aspire to become a chartered accountant, you need to choose the best school in the field. What kind of training is needed to become an…

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What training should I take to become a certified coach?

You have been trained in professional coaching, but you want to deepen and strengthen your skills as a professional coach, become autonomous and be operational. However, you do not know what training to follow to become a certified coach. Linkup…

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At what level can one start a course in the luxury hotel business?

Not everyone can be trained in the hotel business. It is indeed a rather technical and above all very hygienic field. Thus, to be eligible for this training, one must already have a certain mastery in the field, of course….

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