Training courses

Year 10

Entering the second year of secondary school is a real change, in terms of work pace and level, compared to the college. Sophomore year is the year in which we learn all the basics necessary for understanding in Première and…

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First Year

The academic record that is submitted for post-baccalaureate studies includes the results of the first year. It is therefore fundamental to maintain a good level throughout the year. Moreover, mastery of the concepts seen in première is indispensable for comprehension…

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The Senior Year

This is the year of the baccalaureate, but also the most important year for the academic record. The results of the final year of high school will be decisive for the post-baccalaureate orientation! Pre-school internship Because there’s not a minute…

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How to succeed in higher education?

Successful completion of studies is part of every student’s plans. That’s why, when you arrive at university, the main question you ask yourself is how do you achieve your goals? Studying at university requires more autonomy and organization. You have…

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Preparing for the TOEIC exam by taking intensive courses

English language skills have always been a major asset in a professional context. To prove the authenticity of your language ability, obtaining certificates is of crucial importance. Some institutions, which have been in the United States for years, officially evaluate…

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Training for certification for the most popular language exams

Do you wish to continue your studies in another country and obtain a degree from a prestigious university? Would you like to apply for an internship or start a career there? In any case, you need to be fluent in…

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