Preparing for the TOEIC exam by taking intensive courses

English language skills have always been a major asset in a professional context. To prove the authenticity of your language ability, obtaining certificates is of crucial importance. Some institutions, which have been in the United States for years, officially evaluate the English language level of future employees. From these, the TOEIC exam was born, which today is adopted by more than 14,000 companies and organizations worldwide and is taken in more than 160 countries. In order to be able to pass such a test with flying colours, an intensive course is required.

Follow intensive individual courses to prepare for the TOEIC exam

Many institutions offer a toeic preparation course for individuals and students alike who are looking to improve their English language skills and prepare to pass the test. There are also employees who, by passing the test, want to expand their CVs to meet the profiles required by large international companies. An individual intensive toeic course internship can be completed within a week or two as part of continuing education. During this period, the assistants are required to revise grammar and vocabulary corresponding to the toeic standards. They are also exposed to simulation tests on reading and oral expressions as an exercise. This type of intensive toeic course offers, among other things, strict programs that target the particular needs of each participant. It adapts to their levels while seeking to equip them with the minimum skills required on the test.

Intensive TOEIC course by videoconference

Do you want to obtain your certificate for the Test of English for International Communication or TOEIC, but you are far from the training centres? Your schedules don't match the calendars? Technology works in your favour. Indeed, there is the TOEIC training delivered through a videoconference course. Teachers remain at your disposal throughout the year to give you the tips you need to pass this exam. The frequency of the courses depends on your time slots.

Why not attend the intensive group courses?

The toeic training can be done in a group with a number of participants which in most cases is limited to 10, in order to encourage interactivity between the teacher trainer and the assistants on the one hand, and between the assistants themselves on the other. This toeic preparation takes place one week per month during working days. It begins with a test that allows the trainers to classify, first, the level of each assistant and then to establish a training strategy. The training courses are mainly oriented towards modules that shape the toeic test and aim at strengthening the students' capacities. In particular on "reading" and "listening", grammar without forgetting the subtleties of conjugation. They also include application exercises on the above-mentioned subjects. This kind of toeic revision is concluded by a mock exam.

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