How to succeed in higher education?

Successful completion of studies is part of every student's plans. That's why, when you arrive at university, the main question you ask yourself is how do you achieve your goals? Studying at university requires more autonomy and organization. You have to be attentive to the new environment in order to adapt strategically. Academic and student coaching is becoming an increasingly common practice.

Have self-confidence

According to Aristotle, "the secret to success in any kind of study is to establish a habit of working at one's own pace and a pleasant routine. Add to that self-confidence. How can we be successful if we constantly doubt ourselves? You have to have a positive attitude and always think that "I can succeed and go beyond what others have done; I know I can do it. Self-confidence is one of the keys to success, but it is not everything.

Staying active in class

Even if at the university, attending the course is not mandatory, it is necessary to participate and be attentive. Knowing how to take notes is also effective because you don't have to write down everything the teachers say. Only taking notes of important information that you can reuse in the future (during the exam or tutorials or personal research) will help you digest and understand the knowledge. This will make it easier to learn from your textbooks. At university, you don't just have to accumulate courses. Documenting, working hard to understand them and learning better are part of the constraints. In this case, studying between courses is strongly advised. When you're at university, the module you've chosen may not interest you at all in the end. To face this difficulty, you have to think about the future (clarify the project and discover the opportunities of the course) in order to find the necessary motivation to tackle it.

Learning to manage time and be autonomous

In addition to reading and learning the lectures as well as preparing questions to ask during the lecture sessions, you need to know how to organize your time. You need to be independent (take charge of yourself) and increase your personal work (find a time slot that allows you to do this every day). Reading notes, doing research, avoiding long weekday mornings and getting enough sleep each night are all ways to help you succeed in university.

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