First Year

The academic record that is submitted for post-baccalaureate studies includes the results of the first year. It is therefore fundamental to maintain a good level throughout the year. Moreover, mastery of the concepts seen in première is indispensable for comprehension in terminale, and the chapters are all interdependent. It is therefore absolutely necessary to regularly review what has been learned, and not to accumulate any gaps. Our intensive courses allow a quick and efficient revision of the course points and the main methods to be learned.

Pre-entry course

Indispensable to get back on track and prepare effectively for the new school year! 3 hours of class per day for 5 days, for a total of 15 hours. Revision of the main notions of seconde essential to the understanding of the chapters to come. Introduction to writing and the rigour necessary from the first class onward. Introduction to the first chapters of première, in order to arrive in class with a head start and progress from the beginning of the year. Complete pedagogical documents, to review effectively at home what has been seen.

Holiday courses

To eliminate all accumulated deficiencies and make significant progress in one week. 3 hours of classes per day for 5 days + a corrected exam of 3 hours for a total of 18 hours. Revision of chapters that have been seen in class. Explanation and practice of the main methods to know. Learning of rigorous writing as a key factor for success in scientific subjects. End-of-course examination to verify prior learning.

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