What training should I take to become a certified coach?

Published on : 25 April 20202 min reading time

You have been trained in professional coaching, but you want to deepen and strengthen your skills as a professional coach, become autonomous and be operational. However, you do not know what training to follow to become a certified coach. Linkup coaching’s dedicated team offers several training modules and is ready to pass on all their knowledge and skills to you.

An official and recognized certification

Nowadays, there are about 50 schools that offer professional coaching training, however, choosing the right school is essential in order to become a certified coach. Linkup Coaching is the only one in France to offer nine specializations in high level and quality coaching, which allows the trainee to acquire knowledge essential to the mastery of a professional activity. At the end of the session, the trainees who have followed and passed the specialization training will obtain a certificate of Professional Certifications which reinforces their credibility on the market in terms of official recognition.

Objectives of the training

The coach training offered  will guide you to detect the perspectives of your clients with regard to the evolution of the teaching units, to ingeniously concoct more adapted training modules, to also elaborate in your turn professional coach trainings adapted to the demand of your clients, to animate a training by adopting a pedagogy and with a more adapted attitude, to manage the behaviour and the competence of each participant, to evaluate the tools and methods to be chosen in relation to the demand and the skills of the members, finally, the most important thing is to have a guarantee of the durability of your professional activity.

The training program

The coach training proposed by Linkup Coaching lasts only 5 days and is based on theoretical and practical exercises highlighting the following main points: firstly, awareness of the stakes and legislation of the professional training market, more precisely the place of training within companies. Secondly, the recognition and understanding of the role and posture of a training coach. Then, the design of a training module after having made an analysis of the client’s needs and offers them on the training market. Then, the acquisition of the technique of animation with dynamism and enthusiasm, that is to say the different pedagogical methods of a training action. Finally, the accompaniment of each participant as to their possible training objectives.

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