How to choose your school coach?

Published on : 25 April 20203 min reading time

Have you noticed difficulties in your child’s learning? You have detected signs that do not deceive. He’s working, but his grades are terrible? Does he seem unmotivated? Is he overwhelmed? You tell yourself you’ve tried everything, but nothing works? Maybe you could use a school coach.

Why would we need a school coach ?

A school coach is an accompaniment for your child. It will make him an actor of his own success. This method makes it possible to set goals for his studies and his future. It also offers the opportunity to improve the student’s autonomy by optimizing his learning. The causes of academic failure are numerous, such as stress, shyness or personal problems that block his work at school. The counsellor will then put in place non-disciplinary supports to help the student. School coaching would be the solution to these problems, which we parents would describe as minor, but which overwhelm our darlings!

The school coach’s strategy

How do I find my school coach? The specialists of the subject will advise you to carry out a search on the internet. When you have found the right one, he will propose to make a diagnosis to situate your child in his school and family environment. Then, depending on the result, he will opt for various methods and adequate solutions with the difficulties. He will propose individual coaching meetings or group workshops so that the student learns to learn, manages his stress or succeeds in debating themes. One thing leading to another, the sessions will bear fruit. The professional has several approaches and methods to solve a case such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) acting on the child’s behaviour.

Choosing a school coach

Take your time to make your selection. Try to find the professional who will accompany your child in his or her studies based on his or her reputation and experience. You can therefore, without apprehension, entrust your child to a professional who will support him or her with working methods specific to your child’s case. Opt for a patient companion who will proceed step by step for tangible results. The professional coach will have to prove that he or she has followed the training required to practice his or her profession. Please note that these are not three-day training sessions. You will of course remain in contact with this person by e-mail or telephone so you will follow closely the evolution of your child.

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