How to balance summer camp and tutoring?

If your child is having trouble at school, or needs to regain his confidence, offer him a stay at a summer camp designed for him. They will divide their time between sports or art workshops and classes adapted to their needs.

An adapted schedule

If you choose a tutoring course during the summer holidays, your child will have the best chance of filling in the gaps and consolidating what he or she has learned. At this summer camp, your child will be able to take advantage of a few hours of classes in the morning. Depending on your child's specific needs, he or she will be offered refresher courses or, if the basics have been acquired, lessons designed to perfect his or her knowledge and improve work methods. The afternoon is devoted to the practice of various sports, such as horse riding, canoeing or walking. Your child can also be introduced to dance, theatre or painting. Thanks to this balanced schedule, a summer camp becomes a stay full of attractions.

Supervision at the right level

A holiday tutoring course can only be successful if the teachers are qualified professionals. Their competence is attested by the possession of high level university diplomas. They are also trained to meet the requirements of a professional practice that incorporates the latest innovations in pedagogy. Thanks to their experience, teachers know how to take advantage of the excellent working conditions, which bring young people together in small groups, conducive to the implementation of a differentiated pedagogy. As for the management and leadership teams, they are made up of professionals who have mastered the difficult art of leading young people and leading groups.

Varied stays in an appropriate setting

A school refresher course during the holidays can be done at any time of the year. The summer holidays are the best time to take stock of the year's work and prepare for the next school year in the best possible conditions. You can, however, enrol your child in a summer camp for teenagers at other times. For example, All Saints' Day, winter and spring holidays can accommodate stays adapted to each period. These summer holiday boarding school courses also take place in a setting that is conducive to study as well as sports and artistic activities. The children are accommodated in conditions of optimal comfort and safety. Meals are prepared on the spot and include quality products, prepared by professional cooks. The stays are located in a calm and restful environment, conducive to concentration but also relaxation.

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