Secondary education : coaching for professionals

Professional development is important for good teaching. Teacher coaching is a promising alternative to traditional models of professional development..

Qu├ęsaco? Coaching for teaching professionals

Coaching for teaching professionals consists of putting in place methods to seriously improve the performance of teachers in schools and colleges. In this way, it helps to develop reflective and proactive teams. It also contributes to behavioural change for a renewal of the teaching method. Coaching is aimed at educators who want to design a culture in which students understand what they are learning. Coaching helps educators to know their strengths, to focus on how they can continually progress in their practices. It creates opportunities for professional dialogue through peer interaction and the collective development of effective teaching strategies.

Why use this method

The role of the teacher is becoming increasingly complex. There are more time constraints and fewer resources. Many are overwhelmed. At the end of the term, they feel stressed and tired. The demands of the curriculum, the desire to produce good results, and the responsibility for the students' well-being contribute greatly to this tension. In addition, time management is a major factor. Coaching for French-speaking secondary school professionals highlights the potential of the targets. It builds on what is already present in an individual and helps him or her to make it better. Indeed, once he has grasped his strong points, he is better able to master his environment. He will also take up the challenges of the teaching profession in today's world.

What are the principles?

The person who assumes the role of coach must focus on the future potential of the coachee and ignore his preconceived ideas, based on past performance. He or she must be able to understand and value personality differences and react accordingly. A coach can motivate their client in their professional life and re-engage them in their work. It is interesting to note that the coachee already knows the answer and that there is no right or wrong answer. The coach helps the teacher to set clear objectives.

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