Consult the results of the general baccalaureate online

The baccalaureate examination marks the end of the school career and is the starting point of the university curriculum. The proclamation of the result of the general baccalaureate is therefore the most eagerly awaited moment for a pupil in the final year of secondary school. It is also one of the most stressful moments in his or her life.

How do I get my result online?

Several sites are responsible for publishing the results of the 2019 baccalaureate. Before choosing a platform, you should check if it is reliable and if it allows you to obtain the result easily. You can therefore consult your baccalauréat results on the website or on the website of the academy where you took your baccalauréat exams. It is also possible to use the search engines offered by certain media. So to obtain your baccalaureate result online, you must go to the interface of your choice and enter your surname and first names, the name of the academy where you took the exam, the department and above all your series. Thus, depending on your stream, you will be able to obtain the results of the Bac L, the results of the Bac ES or the results of the Bac S. You must make sure you specify this clearly. As soon as you have entered all the required information, you can launch the search. Furthermore, keep in mind that on the day the results are published, all the sites will be overwhelmed by student requests. If the platform you are trying doesn't work, choose another one.

Do you get your results faster on the internet?

The concept of instantaneity is not totally present in the French administration. It is therefore possible that there is a time lag between publication on online sites and physical publication in colleges. However, the academies are doing their best to ensure perfect synchronization between virtual publication and physical proclamation. In addition, some sources even claim that online results are ahead of physical publication. In any case, keep in mind that you will be able to get your results on the web. Even if web publication lags a little behind the physical proclamation, you will need to be patient. Usually, the situation is settled very quickly. Moreover, some academies even have the habit of indicating the time at which the results will be published online. So pay attention to the various announcements so that you don't miss the announcement of your results.

How will my result be displayed online?

In order to have your general baccalaureate results displayed publicly online, you must necessarily notify it when you register. You must also be admitted to the exam. Even if you have your result on the internet, it is preferable to go to the examination centre for confirmation. It can happen that some bugs may disrupt the organization of the results on the web. For this reason, you will have to go to the place where your results were posted. You will then be able to retrieve your notes and files. In addition, if you need to attend the make-up session, this is the time to make an appointment.

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