Why use a school coach?

School can be demoralizing for a child. Giving, restoring your child's desire to succeed is the objective of coaching. The coach will try to unblock a stagnant or regressing school situation! This article will try to unravel, all the same, the mystery of a growing profession, the activity of the school coach.

The role of a school coach or a professional home tutor

A child may have difficulties in class. A lack of attention that could be described as banal, but which could lead to failures in his or her school career. Indeed, the child is left to his own devices during the lessons, he tries to find the means within himself to adapt to the situation he has to face. Remember how frustrating it was to bring home misunderstood homework! How traumatic it was not being able to answer the teacher's questions or having to constantly compare himself to his classmates. And of course, they understood what was happening on the board!

Coaching: a means of support and help for our children

To support our children and help them succeed! We, as parents, are primarily responsible for our children's academic success. We owe it to ourselves to work to help them succeed. Tutoring would be one of the adequate solutions, especially if a result is stagnant or declining. Many parents call upon the school coach to help their child. Others will opt for homework lessons to help their child with homework, to show them how to manage their time and how to learn well. In any case, the goal is the same: to offer a tool for more results and success.

Coaching: Understanding and supporting the student

Our children will learn better the day they understand how the school and their classes work. The causes of school failure can be many and varied. Therefore, the supports that we must offer our children will have to adapt to the causes. Home schooling? We know all about it! A tutor comes to the house, spends time on our children's study table to help them with their homework or to repeat their lessons or to show them how to apply them. Coaching on the other hand will be served with a fairly personalized and intimate approach. It will be based on the child and his/her profile.

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