The importance of supplementary tutoring in primary school

Is your child's academic performance declining? Is your child struggling to follow the lessons given to him or her by teachers? These are some examples of situations in which a school coach can intervene. In this article, we will discuss their role in more detail.

What is a school coach

A school coach is a companion. Take basketball as an example. There are players who play and there is a coach. The coach looks for the most effective tactics and strategies to make his team evolve as quickly as possible. He doesn't play ball in games, he suggests the best methods and placements of players to win. The school coach does the same work. He looks for the appropriate accompaniment after analysing the situation so that your child can develop in his school environment. A school coach should not be confused with a psychologist or a tutor.

The methods of a professional coach

A school coach will use several methodologies and approaches to understand your child's academic blockage. He will use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). The coach will help the student by giving him methods for example to memorize his lessons. Stress has a negative effect on the evolution of a learner. The professional coach will try to reduce this situation of nervous tension. The child can be blocked because he is afraid of his parents. For example, every time his father or mother teaches him, he is always scolded. The coach will therefore train the parents, so that he can find out what their child is like without "traumatizing" him. For this he will use known pedagogical approaches that he will pass on to the parents.

The qualities of a school coach

It must be understood that the school coach is a mediator between the student, the school and his family. His first quality is therefore the attitude to listen and to observe what is happening in the school and family environment. Being a good school coach also means being able to adapt what you have learned during training to the real situation. He must therefore be an inventive, methodical and meticulous person. The professional must be an empathetic person, but up to a certain level. Some school coaches have even developed a strong affinity with the coachee. Also when the latter passes his exam, for his coach it is as if he was the one who passed the test. All these qualities will reassure the student who will open up more.

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