How to prepare well for the entrance exams to the top schools?

The entrance exam to the top schools is very dreaded by students. Success in this kind of competition will determine their future. Therefore, it is necessary to know the methods to be able to pass this difficult stage of educational life. Here is how to help students to prepare well and to go to the exam with certainty and enthusiasm.

Do a thorough review

If your chosen field is business school, engineering, teacher training college (or ENS) or drama school, you should always take entrance exams. In this type of written competition, your knowledge would be tested, so you would have to make very solid and thorough revisions. During the revision period, there are students who learn unnecessary information by rote, this should be avoided. It is important to know that revision is effective if you learn thoroughly and select the basics to learn, because it is the studying that is most important. Optimize your thinking instead of filling your skull with useless knowledge. Adopt a well-defined strategy for success. If you have any doubts about your abilities, then prepare for the competition thanks to the PGE PGO (preparation for the "grandes ├ęcoles" / preparation for the "grand oral") that you can see on the website preparation for the competition.

Learn from past failures

You've certainly made mistakes in the past. In fact, maybe you've passed an entrance exam to a university dozens of times, but you always failed. Because of this failure, you may become discouraged and this attitude may take over and demotivate you even to the point of forcing you to give up. Giving up is never a solution, because during contests, your failures can serve as a source of motivation to turn this discouragement into assets to better prepare yourself. However, keep in mind that your ability can be improved and perfected. In addition, knowing your weak points is the key to your success in the competition. To do so, ask for notes and analyze the comments that the juries have written to help you make a fresh start.

Always aim higher

A contest is not easy to start and it is not a simple test. As a metaphor, it's a running test where every moment is privileged to succeed. This means that to pass the tests, you have to go beyond the limit of the average. The places are not accessible to everyone and they are very limited. In the results, candidates will be ranked in order of merit, so make sure you set the right goal for your marks. On the other hand, success in a competition is an indication of your common sense and mentality. If you don't value your abilities and think that you are a loser, well, you will never get out of this impasse. Why not? Because only those who get used to setting the bar high by facing the tests with their heads held high will succeed in these contests. Therefore, be persevering and never give up the battle, you are capable of succeeding and have the merit of belonging to these great schools. Only the losers give up without trying with courage. So be positive and pass this contest quickly.

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