How to finance your higher education?

Every student dreams of continuing his or her studies at university. However, due to lack of means, most young people end it after high school. That's why university scholarships, student loans, and other assistance are available to help some students get through college and finish their studies. Here are some tips for financing your education.

The scholarship offered by the university

The bursary is an amount paid by the university monthly or annually to students. It is awarded on the basis of a favourable opinion of a prior application. And it is granted only if the person concerned really needs it. The family financial situation and the distance from the student's home is one of the factors taken into account. In addition, the scholarship can also be awarded to new bachelor's degree holders who have obtained a very good grade and to students who have completed a long course of study. There is also the so-called civil service allowance for students preparing for the civil service entrance examination and CROUS emergency assistance.

The student loan

The student loan is a credit intended to finance higher education. And most learners opt for this means because their parents cannot pay for their education and related needs. In addition, they want to focus only on their studies instead of finding a job. It is only available to students without guarantees or resources if they are under 28 years of age. In addition, due to the lack of a guarantor, the state can also play this role. As for repayment, it can be made two times after the end of studies at an interest rate. It is very important to know that the credit granted by banks varies from one student to another. They look at each situation on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the chosen field of study, fees differ from one department to another, as do the needs of the students.


Assistance may be considered a privilege granted to certain students. It may be the exemption of tuition fees or competition fees by the Grandes Ecoles. This assistance may come mainly from an alumni association or a foundation of some kind. In addition, a company can also help a student by giving him or her a private scholarship. This consists for the company in financing the studies of the chosen candidate so that he or she can work for the company at the end of his or her studies. Finally, the assistance may take the form of providing a home for the student. These are the various types of support that the student can apply for to finance his or her university studies.

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