How to choose the right primary school?

Being separated from your child is not an easy thing for parents to do. There will always be questions about the school, the methods used, the teachers, the school staff: what if they don't look after them properly? One thing leads to another and you end up hesitating.

Primary schools, the basics

The primary school is the first level of education, after kindergarten, where basic methods and artistic activities are taught to the little ones, while having fun. The children will be between 6 and 11 years old and will start by learning to read, write and count with basic mathematics. In France, it is compulsory for children to go through this instruction. Primary education is divided into three multi-year cycles: nursery school and elementary school in order to bridge the learning gap.

Primary education: what to see

Primary education does more than just teach our children life skills. It also has the obligation to manage the daily school life of our children, such as the supervision of the pupils, and also the school catering, not to forget school outings and trips. A primary school must therefore have an adequate infrastructure for the safety and well-being of its pupils. For example, in case of accident or illness at school, it will take care of our children's health. In France, and its DOM-TOM, primary schools, especially public ones, are characterized by their free and secular nature. They must take in children and welcome pupils, whether French or not, in regular or irregular situations. As long as the child in question is in the area allocated by the school map. It should be noted that both private and public schools comply.

Things to remember

In short, a good primary school must be secular, public and accessible to all. Children must learn progressive life skills such as reading, writing and basic arithmetic. The school in question will have obligations towards our children, their well-being, but above all to give parents the opportunity to participate in the school life of their children: parents' representatives, informing parents about their schooling, setting up a school council for more communication and exchange of information. Fulfilment is the essential element for the choices of a school. If the school is reputable but your love feels uncomfortable. Don't insist, change primary school.

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