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Do you have a scholarship, or are you going to study in France, probably this is a dream come true in your life. Studying, for many young people that means new cities, new schools, new schedules, new faces. And of course it's a real and wonderful adventure for them.  And certainly, you are not going to waste this great opportunity by renting an apartment that doesn't suit you. So, how do you find a posh student residence that you really like? Here are some tips:

Search online!

The hardest thing for you to do is to find a suitable student residence, and especially in a very big country like France it will be difficult if you can't find the means. Luckily, thanks to the internet this is no longer a problem. Because, now you can find online a student residence rental with a simple click: it's very easy and simple, no need to visit the accommodation, because there are currently virtual tours and photos on the net and these are free. So it has become very simple to find an ad and make a reservation. All the student residences published are always recent, with a wide choice of apartments adapted and comfortable for you and above all at good prices.

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